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look alike

my fiance loves basketball. and everytime we tune in the PBA and see rico villanueva...

it's like we're seeing josh!

magkamukha talaga sila diba hehehe

pathways to riches

just wanted to share an interesting conversation which we had over dinner. there was this guy X who proudly lectured that there are only 3 ways to get rich in life -
1. be born rich
2. earn your way to being rich
3. get married to someone rich

apparently he chose path 3, because as we speak, after getting married to one of manila's family of tycoons, he is no longer part of the rat race. he is no longer working, and is simply enjoying his cheese. depending on your point of view, you're probably saying, nakakatawa, nakakaawa, nakakahiya, or nakakainggit naman yan!!

speaking of cheese enjoyment, do you know who salma hayek's husband is?

that old fart is not just one of those unknown billionaires with fancy names who coursed through path 1 OR path 2. he's actually a well-known billionaire with a fancy name who coursed through path 1 AND path 2. naka-jackpot ang lola mo.

salma hayek's husband is Francois Henri Pinault. as in, the CEO of PPR - the company that owns Gucci, YSL, Bottega, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Puma!

ayan. nakakainggit na talaga yan!

gaga over goyard

i never really liked goyard. when codename fruit first told me about it, i was completely unintrigued, bored, deadma. i'm not a big fan of the pattern, i'm not impressed by that fact that it was hand-painted, and i didn't appreciate how the Saint Louis can possibly be more expensive than a Neverfull.

until now.

for some reason, the damn brand has grown on me. everytime i see it - whether being carried by a matrona, a relative, a supplier, or displayed in accessory lab at rockwell - the need to own one continues to nag at me and rob me of my sleep. when i went to hong kong, i even looked for their boutique which was supposedly at the peninsula. di ko nakita. maybe when i go to europe instead?

i think i want the white one.



wear what?

wear a mustache, and get a chance to go to NY fashion week! milk mustache, that is.

so goes the latest marketing gimmick of the got milk campaign. check out their latest ad featuring no less than carolina herrera and one of her daughters, umm, carolina -

as an aside, here's one of my favorite looks from her fall 2009 collection -

kelan ba ako makakapunta sa fashion week... i wish i lived in the US.

west and williams

everyone knows what kanye did..

everyone knows what serena did...

for a race that struggled against being bullied, i totally don't see how you can be any better at all.

lindsay's boobies

real or not? here's a before and after pic-

to me, the answer's obvious. but who cares!! they look great!!


fugly pants...

lanvin pa man din yan.

the target

when will i ever, EVER get to being this thin -

INGGET. in case you're wondering who she is... -

still don't recognize her?

Hay. Lindsay Lohan. No meat, all bones, fake boobs.

The best!

wedding preps

since i got engaged, i've been obsessing about the look of the wedding, most especially the designs for my entourage's gowns and my own! i've scoured through thousands and thousands of dresses from magazines, websites, celebrity weddings, and designer collections, only to find that what i wanted fell in the world of haute couture. and i mean, haute couture. (not how it's being loosely used by every single designer and every single brand pretending to be fashon nowadays.)

say hello to elie saab haute couture spring 2009 -

love it!! if we could afford total perfection, i'd want our reception to look like this naman -

hopefully, there's still going to be money left for food. harhar!

LV emergency


i urgently announced the 5% price increase to flabbergasted friends who are bag addicts like myself, and we came to the conclusion that the best solution is to buy all the bags in our short to long-term plans NOW. ASAP.

let's do the math. if there's a 10% increase that happens every year (because they do 5% twice a year), the price of a speedy 30 in manila will move from 38,000 today to around 50,000 in 3 years! that's the price of an alma in epi leather in europe today!! madness! we need to start hoarding our classics before they become totally unreasonable tomorrow! (because they are only slightly unreasonable today. teehee.)

if you count the speedy 30, neverfull GM, alma epi, lockit PM, and mahina L, the total damage amounts to EUR 5,260 (without tax), or PHP 362,940. (after calculating, i may have to take back 'slightly unreasonable' from the paragraph above...)

P.S. my mom wasn't very happy when i monologued this to her. she kept insisting that there's nothing impressive about an LV bag, and that it is just a status symbol more than anything else. to a certain extent, that's true. but you have to hand it to those guys. it took years and years of brilliant marketing to turn a simple, Japanese-inspired flower motif into the iconic Monogram print that stands for much more than what it physically is today.

so deadma na. magpapaloko pa rin ako! it's no secret that i'm far from being self-actualized. di pa ako umaasenso sa maslow's hierarchy of needs. time to SAVE UP!